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How much do you charge? 

Our price is based on your individual requirements.  Contact us for a no-obligation quotation.


How long do you play for? 

We usually play either 3 x 40 minutes or 2 x 60 minutes, though we will be as flexible as possible to fit in with your event.  Breaks between our sets can be between 5 and 60 minutes long.


We wanted live music for a bit longer, are you able to help? 

We can provide an extra 40 minutes of music on top of the above standard times for an additional fee


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Where are you based and will you travel to our event?

We are based near London but are more than happy to travel to perform (just look on our Testimonials page at some of the places we have played!). As a rough guide we can travel to within about 3 hours drive of London.


What do you wear when you perform?

We wear black suits unless you have other requirements.


Do you provide background music when you are not playing?

We play jazz CDs through the PA system or an amplifier between our sets. Alternatively you can provide your own CDs or iPod for us to put on.


Do you provide all your own sound equipment?

Yes. All we need from you is a power supply.


Do you bring a keyboard for the pianist or do we need a piano at the venue?

We always bring a top quality electric keyboard with us when “piano” is included in the line-up. We do not need an acoustic piano at the venue.


Can you play outdoors?

We are happy to play outdoors where practical.  Normally this would be for an instrumental duo or trio only.  We must be under cover to protect musicians, instruments and electrical equipment from both rain and direct sunshine.  We need access to a power supply (see below if power is not available).


Our venue cannot have amplified music - can you play acoustically?

We have played at several venues where they are not allowed to have “amplified music” and we have provided acoustic line-ups involving combinations of sax, acoustic guitar and double bass.


Can you learn our favourite song?

We are happy to learn your song, given enough advance notice.


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